A hotel front desk executive is an individual who works for a hotel or a resort and his/her duty is at the front desk of the facility. Any person working at this job position has to have a great personality with a smile on the face and must be able to welcome guests with the warmest behavior. He/she is responsible for checking-in and checking-out the guests and handle many customer care related duties. The following is a detailed career description of a hotel front desk executive.

How to Become a Hotel Front Desk Executive

Anybody who is interested in becoming a hotel front desk executive must atleast possess a high school certificate. He/she must have a strong personality with good communication skills. Some employers may also prefer those candidates who have some kind of a diploma certificate, preferably related to the hospitality industry.

Hotel Front Desk Career Courses, Training, Programs

Apart from the high school diploma, hotel front desk executives may also need to pursue an associate degree in hospitality or atleast posses a hospitality related diploma certification from a recognized institute or university. A few months of training may also help candidates applying for this job.

Hotel Front Desk Career Schools/Colleges, Education

The undergraduate schools or diploma institutes may provide the candidate with the basic understanding of the hospitality industry and help to develop personal skills.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

Cornell University

Michigan State University

University of Nevada

Virginia Tech

Hotel Front Desk Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hotel front desk clerks or executives are likely to earn an average median income of $19930 per year. This figure may be dependent upon the exact place of work. For example, working in a motel or a low budget hotel may not pay as much as working in a reputed hotel.