Career Description

HVAC Technician is required to install various heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. He needs to fit/ install these systems as per the requirement stated by the client. These systems also need to be maintained properly and also if any repair work is to be done then also the HVAC Technicians come to the rescue of their clients. It is an upcoming field and a number of people are opting for this industry.

How to become an HVAC Technician

In order to become an HVAC Technician, one needs to attend a formal training in the subject from an accredited technical school. It includes both the classroom instruction as well as apprenticeship. One needs to have a sound technical knowledge, good observation and problem solving skills in order to get into this position. It is also essential to have proper knowledge about the use of various technical equipments.

HVAC Technician career courses, training, programs

HVAC Technician needs to undergo a formal training to learn various aspects of the subject; this training program involves both apprenticeship and theoretical classroom sessions.

HVAC Technician career schools/ colleges, education

There are various vocational schools that provide HVAC Technician training. HVAC training is also given at U.S. Armed Forces. The apprenticeship in HVAC is usually for three to five years. This apprenticeship is jointly sponsored by Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association, Air Conditioning Contractors of America and other local chapters of unions.

Top 5 colleges/ universities

  1. Miami Dade College
  2. Houston Community College System
  3. Northern Virginia Community College
  4. Lone Star College System
  5. College of Southern Nevada

HVAC Technician job opportunities, salaries/ pay

With so many new and advanced heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems coming up in the market, the HVAC technicians are much in demand these days. The average annual salary of a HVAC Technician is $41,100 and average hourly wages are $19.76.