With so many career options around, students are often in dilemma when it comes to choosing one out of the various available options. It is essential for a student to seek professional help while choosing a stream as it helps them get into the right direction.

Many students avoid going to career counselors; they feel that they can fetch information about the various career options from the internet, career magazines or their seniors. However, it is to be understood that the kind of career advice that one gets from a career counseling session is far more accurate and beneficial than any other source. This article covers a few points to give you a better idea about why career counseling is important for students:

  • The first and foremost reason why career counseling is given so much importance is that while the students are still in their schools and colleges they are not much aware about the actual market situation. Though they may be clear about the theoretical aspect of different subjects and may even have keen interest in one or two of them but they do not have much knowledge about how the industry related to that particular stream is doing. This is where the role of a career counselor comes in.
  • In a career counseling session, the students are asked about their interest and the stream they intend to take up. Also their skills and abilities are assessed. Post understanding the student’s capabilities and interest and also after seeing at the latest market conditions and the industries which are likely to boom in the coming years, they suggest a suitable career path to the students.
  • The career counseling sessions are also important for the students as these sessions make the students aware about the competition in the outside world and motivate them to work harder in order to take their career into the right direction.