Career guidance provides a substantial understanding about the career that the student is considering or needs help in choosing the right career. This is useful because the students might or might not have an overall knowledge of careers and the kind of expectation that is put by employers on the incumbents who are opting for that career. It also is helpful to the student in a way that the student can avoid spending unnecessary time, effort and money in opting for those careers which he/she is not interested in or may be very difficult to pursue in their life. Hence career guidance is very important for students before they finalize on a career option.

Advantages Of Gaining Career Guidance:

  • With the help of career guidance, candidates will be able to make their educational and training investments wisely.
  • Through career guidance, candidates will be able to put their complete dedication and commitment to pursue the suggested career and will be in a position to get an edge over others.
  • Career guidance will provide candidates an in-depth understanding about the educational requirements, training and certifications, schools and colleges, compensation and wages related to the career at hand.
  • Career guidance is given by experts in those fields and they will be in a better position to explain the current options and developments in the field and the upcoming changes that are going to positively or negatively affect the candidate who is going to pursue that career option.
  • Through career guidance, the candidates will be able to fit their career with their short, medium and long term career goals and objectives. Career guidance gives them a better framework to plan for their future career proactively.
  • Career guidance can help immensely in deciding on the career path of an individual which can lead to the candidate being successfully in their career life and personal life.