Career Description

An Instrumentation technician is responsible for testing and repairing the instrumentation systems which are used by the production equipments. They ensure the adherence to the performance levels and product qualities that are established before. They must attain the common knowledge of practices, concepts and procedures used earlier. To perform the function of this job they must rely on the pre-established guidelines and instructions.

How to Become an Instrumentation Technician

To become an Instrumentation technician one must have a high school diploma or its equivalent degree. They can complete the training and apprenticeship in the required field. Most of the employers look for 0-2 years of relevant experience in this field. They must be willing to work under the immediate supervision. Independent judgement is not a primary job function in this field.

Instrumentation Technician Career Courses, Training, Programs

The Instrumentation technician must have knowledge about physics, algebra, instruments and their multi-functionalities. High school diploma is the basic education after which the more specialised certification on particular category of instruments can be done.  They must have through knowledge about the mechanical and electronic instruments. After the high school, one can pursue engineering degree in particular field.

Instrumentation Technician Career Schools/Colleges, Education

In US several schools and colleges offer relevant degree and diploma courses for Instrumentation technician. High school diploma, GED and certification are must for the beginners. Associate degree in electrical engineering, engineering technology, industrial instrumentation is an added advantage. Online programs, courses and specialised courses are also available for biomedical instrument technicians.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities

Lakeland College

Northwest LTC

Lee College

ITI Technical College

Spartan Aeronautics

Instrumentation Technician Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The average salary for an Instrument technician in US is $43, 341. An Instrumentation technician can make career advancement with more experience. They can expect a hike of 10% over the period of 2-3 years.