Media careers


In a world that is communications-driven,media careersare multiplying by the day and offer an array of career opportunities.  Media careers throw open many different fields and one can choose a career path according to one’s choice.

You canbecome a part of the media industryif you have good communication skills both written and verbal.  It is also important to have, what is called a ‘nose for the news’, broad outlook, ingenuity, diligence and perseverance.  Knowing a foreign language is also an added advantage.  A working knowledge of computers is a must-know in this day and age of high-tech communications.  Sometimes, knowing other skills like photography come in handy while looking for job opportunities in media.

It is important to have the requisite educational qualifications before embarking on a media career.  Subjects likeJournalismandMass Communicationsare much sought after when deciding to pursue a career in media.  The right qualifications and work experience can help you when you are looking for media jobs.

Media Career Types:

Media today, includes many different types of media and is not restricted to one or two types.  Media careers can be pursued in theprint media, where you have the choice of working for magazines, newspapers, periodicals or journals.  Then, there is the audio visual media, which includes radio, television, and films. The emergence ofnew mediawhich includesdigital mediaand networked information like theInternethave thrown open more number of opportunities. Social mediais an integral part of web-content development. It is a forum where you will find a mixture of social interaction, technology and content development.  Some of the forms of social media are blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds, social networks and wikis.

Media careers throw open not only different mediums, but also different fields in which you can pursue your objective.  You can choose your area of interest like finance, news, sports etc. and select your career path accordingly.  Work may include, gathering data, reporting, analyzing data, writing, speaking, etc.

Depending on the type of media and the subject you have chosen, the work environment may vary.  However, a career in media is quite demanding both physically and mentally.  It requires a certain amount of stoic composure and strength to cope with the stresses of the job.    Working under pressure to meet deadlines is almost a daily feature of the work atmosphere.  Travelling, irregular working hours are other factors which can add to the stress.