Career description:

The network systems administrator is a professional who is in charge of operating and maintaining a computer system or network. These administrators are part of the Electronics and Communication engineering department as well as Information Technology industry. The duties vary as per the organization. He or she has to support, maintain and install servers. There are duties involving service outage problems and other issues. Project management, scripting and light programming in various system projects will also be part of this job. He or she must have the technical skills to fulfill these duties.

How to become Network Systems Administrator:

The candidate needs bachelor’s degree in order to be employed as computer systems and network administrator. This can be learnt through information systems or computer science subjects. It is important to have a computer related education for better chances at employment.

The master degree programs also help in understanding different topics such as local area networks, network segments, wide area networks, internet and intranet. Candidates also learn about security procedures in these courses.

Network Systems Administrator courses, training, programs:

Generally a bachelor’s degree in computer science will come with its own share of internship programs. There are training courses which can be opted for. This is offered by software vendors, hardware vendors and other professional organizations. Experience helps in gaining better employment opportunities.

There are no certifications required for this field.

Network Systems Administrator career, colleges/universities:

The bachelor degree programs enable the candidate to understand the fundamentals behind different computer systems and servers.

Similarly, advanced courses from accredited universities will allow in-depth understanding of network and computer systems.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities:

  1. University of California
  2. University of Chicago
  3. Arizona University
  4. North Carolina State University

Network Systems Administrator Job opportunities, salaries/ pay:

Employment in this sector is growing faster than other sectors despite offshore outsourcing. The middle management of system administrators was reported to be earning between $49,000 and $79,000.