Career Description

Petroleum technician are employed at oil and gas well production sites and are required to make use of laboratory equipments and other instruments in order to accomplish various assigned tasks. Petroleum technicians work in association with the science team which studies the geologic condition and analyzes it.

How to become a Petroleum Technician

In order to become a petroleum technician one is required to acquire a relevant degree and also go for a formal training program. Most such training programs are for 2 years. These programs cover theoretical classes on scientific principles and also provide practical experience of working in the laboratory. One needs to have a thorough knowledge about the use of the equipments needed to work at these sites. The candidate should also be physically fit; he should be strong enough to stand and move around for hours without taking any rest.

Petroleum Technician career courses, training, programs

If you are aspiring to become a petroleum technician it is first of all recommended to go for a bachelor’s degree in science for which you need to have science as a main subject during high school and also clear it with good grades. It is then recommended to go for a formal training which involves information about scientific principles as well as the use of laboratory equipments.

Petroleum Technician career schools/ colleges, education

There are a number of schools/ colleges that provide formal training in the subject. The admission in this college is given based on your performance during your graduation.

Top 5 colleges/ universities

  1. Houston Community College
  2. Tulsa Community College
  3. University of Alaska Anchorage
  4. Taft College
  5. Navarro College

Petroleum Technician job opportunities, salaries/ pay

With the increasing use of petroleum products and a number of production sites coming up the demand for these professionals is increasing. The average annual salary of a petroleum technician is $51,000.