A physiotherapist has the responsibility of providing efficient health related medical and therapeutic solutions to the patients. People from various walks of life and of all ages get treated by the physiotherapists.

The concerned physiotherapist focuses on the movement of the neuromuscular tissues in case the patient finds it difficult to move. These professionals also have the responsibilities to check and improve the well being of cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the patients. In most of the cases, a physiotherapist works with a team of supporting medical staffs and other subordinates while handling an assignment.

How to become a physiotherapist:

In order to become one, it is essential to be a student of biology at the school level and that of medicine there onwards. The interested candidates complete their master’s degrees with decent grades from accredited colleges to become fully registered physiotherapist.

Few of those students go for further studies and get the doctorate degree after few years of study and research. This increases the scope of being recruited.

Courses, training, programs:

The courses are of rigorous nature and are meant to sharpen the diagnosing skills of the students. The programs that are being taught to the brooding physiotherapists are extensive and full of different kinds of assignments. The projects that are given to the students teach them to improve their understanding of the ailments of the patients.

Physiotherapist career education, schools/colleges:

The medical colleges that teach the students the various facets of physiotherapy are of world class standard. The teachers and the infrastructural facilities are excellent and support the students in finding plum jobs in the hospitals and in health consulting companies.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

University of Texas, Austin

Rice University

University of Pennsylvania

Vanderbilt University

University of Maryland, College Park

Physiotherapist job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The various medical colleges in America and other countries recruit physiotherapists. The hospitals and the medical agencies hire them at a starting salary that hovers around $70,000/annum.