A radio announcer career involves hosting radio shows or making announcements on the radio about important events. Radio has been a popular media since a very long time and even in the age of TV, internet, IPods etc, people still listen to their radio primarily because they can do other things at the same time. Here we not only have music but there is also a person who is talking to us to make that connection. There can be different types of radio announcers: some of them may only read the news, some read out ads, others talk about social, political or religious issues while others host music programs.

He may take calls from listeners, have discussions with experts on some topic, give information about any concert, work as a sports commentator or completion and introduce a song and artiste before airing it.

How to become a radio announcer:

In order to become a radio announcer, you need to develop a good tone and make your voice strong and clear. You also must develop your communication skills because being a radio announcer is all about talking and you must be able to talk about a topic for a long time and engage the interest of the listeners. You can also get trained in mass communication to brush up your skills.

Radio announcer career courses, training, programs:

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in mass communication, specializing in radio journalism, is the best way to go about this job. There are many radio announcers who do not have any specific degree but you must be well-read and know about your field so that you can talk about it.

Radio announcer career schools/colleges, education:

There are many universities and colleges which offer courses on radio journalism.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

University of Phoenix

Arizona State University

The University of Southern California in Los Angeles

University of Texas at Austin

Radio announcer career job opportunities, salaries/pay and recruitment:

The job outlook has been slow growing at 7% and one can get an hourly salary of $13 or average annual salary of $30,000.