Most resort jobs will involve direct involvement with clients and tourists. This means that you will need to have an outgoing personality and love fun.

You will need to have a High School Education. A hospitality college education will be a plus. If you do not have a college education, most resorts will provide training for their staff through their self tailored programs. For the entry level jobs, even if you do not have past resort working experience, you will need to be well groomed and have a good personality to be hired. From an entry level position, you can work your way up a career resort ladder.

Seasonal jobs are also a way of getting yourself into full time resort career. Most resorts provide seasonal jobs especially during the summer due to the increased number of tourists in summer. Speaking a foreign language will be a big advantage for you to get into a resort career.

Types, Description, Information

You have the option of choosing a career path in accounting, security job, housekeeper, front desk, foodservice, lifeguard, instructor, scuba driver, sports instructor, masseuse valet, spa, golf, casino gaming, sommelier, janitor, maintenance, chef and guest service.

You have the option of following a career path in Beach resorts, ski resorts and National Parks. You also have the choice of working on a seasonal basis for instance during summers.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Programs

Some of the training courses you can study in college to have a resort career include Ski Management, Casino Operations, and Hospitality Management. You can undertake two years of Associates degree courses or four years of undergraduate studies for a Bachelors degree, some of which are offered through certification online programs.

Classes for those in resort training colleges usually have resort amenities where students can have hands on experience in resort training. For instance there are Jacuzzi classes, golf courses, kitchens, wellness centers, manicures pedicures and waterfalls for students.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

As a prerequisite to admission to college you will have to present your High School transcripts and sit entrance exams. The leading colleges and post-high school educational institutions are:

  • City College of San Francisco, SF
  • College of Westchester
  • Washington State University in Washington, DC
  • University of Wisconsin, WS
  • The University of Houston, HO

Job Opportunities Salaries, Recruitment

There are many job opportunities for those who work in resort careers. Entry level jobs do not require you to have a lot of experience. You have the option of starting a resort job as an intern since most resorts and hotels have internship programs for Hospitality Management graduates. Average earnings for a resort worker range between $20,000 and $40,000 annually depending on responsibilities, qualifications and employer.

The job outlook for those in resort careers is good since there are job opportunities all over the world especially in tourist prone areas such as the Caribbean and Hawaii. To have a good career path with growth opportunities, consider getting resort jobs with the bigger lodges or chain lodges because they employ hundreds of employees. Those in resort careers usually earn a salary and also get tips or bonuses depending on your job description.