Restaurant careers mainly deal with food preparation, food quality and food serving. A career in the restaurant basically involves dealing directly with food, customers, managing food and drinks, supervising workers in the restaurant or managing restaurants. You have to maintain proper hygiene since a little mistake can affect the lives of many people. Most people in the restaurant industry gain their interest in the industry from early childhood or experiences in their lives, and they go ahead to study related courses.

How to Have a Restaurant Career

After getting your High School diploma, most restaurants will provide in house training for their staff. If you have formal college training, your career options will tremendously increase, giving you the opportunity to advance to higher levels in the industry. You can undertake a four year training degree in University or a two year Associates degree. You can also get masters qualifications for restaurant careers.

Types, Description, Information

You have the option of different career paths in casinos, motels, hotels. You can also work day shifts or night shifts in restaurant careers. How far you rise in your career will be dependent on your level of schooling. However, the industry values experience to a great extent. More experience will almost automatically translate to higher perks.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Programs

Associate degree programs or Bachelors degree programs offer training for those interested in restaurant careers. Some of the courses you can pursue in college which will get you into restaurant careers include Food Technology, Human Resource, Business Administration, Finance, and Hospitality Management. These courses will last 2-4 years. Classes offered in hospitality courses include nutrition, sanitation, record keeping, personnel management and food preparation.

Restaurant Schools, Colleges, Universities

You will need to sit entrance exams as a prerequisite to admission to culinary colleges or hospitality management courses. You can get entrance exams on the websites of online certification programs. The top 5 colleges and universities offering restaurant career related courses include:

  • Walden University-Distance Learning
  • Capella University, California
  • American Intercontinental University-Online Program
  • Liberty University – Online
  • Purdue University in Indiana

Jobs Opportunities, Salaries, Recruitment

The job outlook for those in restaurant careers is good since the industry is one of the fastest growing in US with more job opportunities expected to increase each year according to the National Restaurant Association. The average pay for those in restaurant careers is $34,000. The pay usually depends on the locality, your experience, and academic qualifications. Restaurants in metropolitan areas usually provide better wages for their employees than hotels in other locations.