The job description for restaurant managers is coming up with menus, pricing the menus, maintaining records and supplies, making purchases, carrying out administrative tasks, human resource management, hiring and firing staff. Restaurant managers also oversee the running of the kitchen and the dining area, apart from resolving customer complaints. If you are working for a large restaurant, you will be mainly involved in dealing with department heads who supervise the nitty-gritty details of the hotel

How to Become a Restaurant Manager

Get a High School Diploma. You should then get a Bachelors degree. A degree in a management field is ideal. Masters qualification will favorably increase your career growth opportunities. You will need a prerequisite of 3.0 in order to be admitted into a college or university program. Passing entrance exams are also a prerequisite to admission to training programs.

Getting certification will improve your chances of being hired. You can acquire the Foodservice Management Professional certification. This shows your professional competency in restaurant management.

In addition to your training, most restaurants especially chain restaurants provide thorough in house training on management to their restaurant management. It is important that you have good communication and leadership skills as a restaurant manager.

Types, Description, Information

You can choose to work for small restaurants or big restaurants. Restaurant chains usually provide one with more career growth opportunities. On the other hand, you can choose to be self employed. You also have the option of diverging into other career paths such as hotel management or head chef.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Programs

Some of the training programs you can pursue in college or university include Bachelors degree in Hospitality Management, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Restaurant and Food Service Management, National Certificate in Hospitality Management Supervision. If you have a degree which is not related to a hospitality degree, you can undergo a one year training conversion course in Hotel and Catering Management.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Classes in Restaurant and Food Service Management include nutrition, business law, food planning, food preparation, Business Management.

There are certification online programs and Distance Learning training courses which are fully accredited to provide restaurant management training for potential managers.

Some of the leading colleges and universities in offering courses in the restaurant management career are:

  • Seattle Central Community College in Washington
  • University of New Orleans-Louisiana
  • Michigan State University School of Hospitality Business in Michigan
  • Florida Culinary Institute
  • California Culinary Academy in California

Job opportunities Salaries, Recruitment

Most employers will hire graduates fresh from college. In fact, most employers usually get management trainees in their 2nd or 4th year of study in Hospitality Management programs. The most appropriate way to get a restaurant management job is to start out as a management trainee when you finish college. Culinary schools also provide job placements to their graduates. This provides a good opportunity to enter the job market.

The job outlook for restaurant management positions is favorable sinthe job opportunities are projected to increase in the industry. The pay for the least paid restaurant managers is $1,000 while the salary for the best paid is $45,000 or more.  The average is about 33,000$.


Restaurant Education Requirements