A SAP finance career is an area where one can work as a SAP finance specialist, SAP finance analyst or consultant. His primary responsibilities are to provide counsel related to SAP developments and projects to make clear SAP Financial solutions to meet the company’s business goals. He also guides the project members to ensure that the technical aspects of all the stages of the project are handled properly and also takes part in system testing.

How to become a SAP finance specialist:

In order to work in the field of SAP Finance, one needs to have technical knowledge and experience in working in similar fields like Microsoft Technologies or ABAP. He also needs to have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science and commerce. Some jobs also require certification and it is helpful to get the certification as it increases your chance of getting the job and a better a salary.

SAP Finance career courses, training, programs:

One who wants to have a SAP Finance career can go for a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting and a master’s degree in computer science, programming information technology or computer application. There are many SAP modules especially SAP ABAP which one can study as that will give him an edge over others to secure a job. Other languages are mySAP ERP’s proprietary language and FICO modules.

SAP Finance career schools/colleges, education:

You can get go for both undergraduate and graduate courses in the following colleges and universities across the US:

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Carnegie Mellon University

University of Texas at Austin

University of Minnesota

SAP Finance career job opportunities, salaries/pay and recruitment:

The job outlook of this field is good and the salaries are dependent upon how large the corporation is and where it is located. The experience of the candidate also counts and the average salary is $70,000.