There are many people every year who fall victim to accidents and injuries while out of the home. A great many of these injuries and accidents take place in the workplace. While some of these mishaps are only slight and do not cause any real injury, others can be far more serious. This can result in considerable pain, inconvenience and even loss of money for the victim.

If you have fallen victim to an accident at work and have sustained injury, you may be eligible to claim compensation. However, this is something many people worry about going through with, simply because they don’t want to make a claim against their own employer. It is important to remember that you are not doing anything wrong by making this sort of claim and most employers will want you to get the money you are entitled to, which comes from the liability insurers and not from the employer’s own pocket.

Steps to take if you feel you may be eligible to make a claim

 If you do suffer a workplace accident and sustain an injury, it is well worth looking into the possibility of claiming compensation. This is something that you can do quickly and without any financial losses, simply by contacting experts such as those at Injury Lawyers 4 U.

Some of the steps you can take to increase your chances of making a successful claim include:

Note down the details: Make sure you take notes of when and where the accident occurred. You may think that you will not forget this, but it can easily slip your mind after a while so it is best to write it down.

Take a photo: If the accident occurred due to something such as a puddle of liquid on the floor, obstructed areas, or other areas of neglect, take a photo. You may not need this but it can be useful to have photographic evidence should the need arise.

Get details of witnesses: If anyone was around who saw what happened, take their details and make sure they are happy to provide a statement if necessary. Again, this probably won’t happen but it is useful to have the necessary details just in case.

Armed with these details, you can then contact an expert law firm to find out more about your eligibility to claim. You can rest assured that your claim, whether successful or not, will not affect your rights as an employee. If you are really worried about making a claim, you may want to speak to your supervisor or line manager to advise them of the action you are taking. This will help to put your mind at rest and you will probably get support from your manager in terms of making a claim.