A spa career is about wellness. It is about making people feel better, educated, soothed, stimulated, relaxed and entertained. Spa is derived from the words ‘healing water’.

How to Have a Spa Career

It would be important for you to first finish high school before venturing into a spa career. Though it is not a necessity, you should get college qualifications for a good career path in the spa industry. There are certification courses available for those who are interested. This will help you improve your career chances in the spa industry to top management positions.

You should also have good communication skills and be able to interact with clients and understand what their needs are.

Types, Description, Information

Your career path can lead you to become a spa therapist and spa consultant, massage therapist, nutritionist, a fitness instructor or wellness manager. You also have the option of training in different classes at the spa, being on call as a life coach in and out of the spa. Again, you have the choice of multi tasking. For instance, you can be a masseuse and a life coach trainer at the same time. You can work in day spas, destination spas and resorts.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Programs

you have the option of pursuing to have a spa career include a course in Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Yoga, Massage, massage therapy and Barber School (to learn how to cut hair) and Beauty and Body works

You will need a General Educational Development (GED) certificate as a prerequisite to admission into college or university. Alternatively, your high school transcripts will be required. You will be required to take entrance exams, in the form of student assessment tests to see whether you have the aptitude for the subject areas you are interested in.

In your spa training classes, you will study the benefits of water, the basics of chemistry, biology and physics.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

You can undertake certification online programs, which offer short courses, seminars and training programs in the spa industry. Most spa therapy classes will be found in alternative medical practitioners and medicines since not many colleges offer spa training programs. Some of the leading spa career courses offering colleges and universities are:

  • Ohio College of Masetherapy in Ohio
  • Clayton College of Natural Health- distance learning program
  • Utah College of Massage Therapy in Utah
  • American Institute of Holistic Theology in Birmingham

Jobs opportunities Salaries, Recruitment

The job outlook for those interested in a spa career is pretty good since the spa industry recruits at least 230,000 people some working on a full time or part time basis. This is due to the fact that a lot of people have learnt the need for beauty and taking care of themselves. There isn’t enough labor being produced to quickly meet the needs of the spa industry, which has been growing at a rate of 13% every year since 2006. This has led to a shortage of labor in the spa industry. This means that your job search for a spa career should not be that difficult. Most spas recruit trainee employees immediately out of college. The pay for those in spa careers is $20,000 to $60,000 depending on your job, experience and where the spa is located. About 42,000$ is the industry average