A stock broker basically works for a brokerage house. He/she links the clients with the traders and the investors. The stock broker provides information and expert advice about investing in certain stock options within the set regulatory framework. The benefit he/she cites is the long term positive returns from the investments made. The stock broker earns the commission of a specific percentage from the trading of stocks. The fund managers of a number of companies team with stock brokers to optimize the investment portfolio of the clients.

How to become a stock broker:

Keen interest in the stock market is a must. The interested candidates must attain a bachelor’s degree in financial management or economics. They should have clear ideas about investment and stock trading.

To gain advanced knowledge in the field the candidates should pursue master’s degree in the field and increase their employment prospects by the reputed stock broking companies.

Courses, training, programs:

The courses that teach the fundamentals of stock broking are apt to make the initial learning focused. The advanced knowledge in this regards can be acquired by registering for programs and training sessions that are tailor-made to suit the industry by imparting further expertise in the field.

Stock broker career, schools/colleges, education:

The educational institutes in the US have excellent facilities for the interested candidates to transform them into expert stock brokers. The colleges have reputed academicians and researchers who help the students to imbibe within them the advanced knowledge about investments and stock market. The infrastructural facilities provided by these institutes are world-class.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Chicago University

University of Arizona

Duke University

Syracuse University

University of California, Santa Cruz

Stock broker job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The broking houses recruit stock brokers all through the year and the scene in the US economy is plum currently. The starting salary hovers around $50,000/annum and can even cross $90,000/annum.