Career Description:

Structural surveyors lend professional advice regarding property and construction that usually spans across commercial, residential, leisure, industrial and agricultural projects. They work on designing and developing new buildings as also the maintenance and restoration of the existing ones.

It’s a very vast field and often includes advising on several aspects of the building at various stages. The nature of work could range from multi-million dollar projects to modest repairs and alterations. It includes working with structures having historical and architectural significance.

How to become a structural surveyor:

The typical route to become a structural surveyor is to take a degree recognized by the relevant industry organization followed by a two-year professional experience and on-job training. The subjects include construction, surveying, building and civil engineering. It’s also possible to start as a trainee in a firm and work the way up.

Structural surveyors combine strong technical with excellent people skills. They have to display confidence at every level of their work. Because clients completely believe in their advice, structural engineers should have a high level of professional integrity.

Structural surveyor career courses, training and programs:

Ongoing professional development is crucial and is often provided by the company in partnership of a refresher institute. Structural surveyors progress to the senior management and most companies have formal promotional structure.

Structural surveyor career schools/colleges, education:

Taking mathematics, calculus or general science in high school gives a string footing on the later career as a structural surveyor.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Georgia Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

California Polytechnic State University

University of California, San Diego

Texas Technological University

Structural surveyor job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The demand for building surveyors in on the rise with increasing refurbishing of urban areas, rural sites and older properties. The average annual salary of a structural surveyor is $47,630. Many work as independent professionals and consultants.