Career Description

A technical editor acts as a proof reader who reviews and modifies technical content in a company. The technical writer works with a team of technical writers who produce technical writing, manual and documentation in the company. The job of a technical editor is to ensure that the technical writing generated by the writer is free from any errors with proper grammar, sentence formation and correctness of the technical information provided.  The technical editor has to have good technical knowledge besides having good written communications skills which are essential for this job role.

How to Become a Technical Editor

In order to become a technical editor the candidate should have keen interest in writing. Acquiring a bachelors’ degree in fields such as journalism or language as a basic requirement. A technical editor has to begin career as a technical writer in order to understand the various technical aspects before proceeding to become an editor.

Technical Editor Career Courses, Training, Programs

There are many courses for getting trained as a technical editor. After acquiring expertise in the technical field such as computer science the candidate can obtain a basic course in technical editing that focuses on fundamentals aspects of technical editing.

Technical Editor Career Schools/Colleges, Education

There are many courses in the US that are acclaimed to equip the candidate with all the necessary skills to take up the role of a technical editor. These training institutes provide case study methodology of teaching including the basic concepts of technical editing which provides practical understanding of the various aspects of technical editing to the candidate.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities

University of Central Florida

Northeastern University, Boston

Michigan State University

Pennsylvania State University

Northern Virginia Community College

Technical Editor Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

Technical editors who have good technical writing skills have better job opportunities in the US as technical editors. The average salary of a technical editor is at $53,000 per annum which can increase based on skills, knowledge and experience.