Social networking sites are the latest and best ways of finding jobs. We have attempted listing top 10 social sites that can help you land a job faster than you can imagine.

1. LinkedIn


Ranked on top of every social site list, LinkedIn is a hotspot for job seekers around the world. With more than 35 million users, the site is a hub for jobseekers and headhunters alike. The site’s popularity is due to its well knit professional networking system. Its sole motive is connecting to industry insiders by invitation or recommendation.

The site’s layout eliminates the need to get creative with your CV by providing a standard format to upload your credentials. The site also lets you upload your skills on a panel that can get endorsed by your professional contacts.

2. Plaxo

Powered by job portal Simply Hired, Plaxo is a social networking site that is built on the lines of LinkedIn. Through Plaxo, the user can create a profile and a pulse stream that integrates with other popular social networks like Twitter. What differentiates Plaxo from others is the address book which maps the location of your contacts. The association with Simply Hired makes it easy to apply for the jobs featured on this job portal.

3. Twitter

Twitter is not just a social jabber. Its power is unleashed when you understand its communication flow. Twitter takes contacting recruiters to a whole new level. You can interact with the hiring managers directly, thus increasing your chances of getting through to a company’s HR. what is more, you are sure that you are not submitting your resume to a machine.

The only factor holding many people back is that it requires supplementation with a LinkedIn profile. Twitter profiles aren’t enough to complete a hiring process. One other thing is that you get to choose only one URL along with your profile, which means you need to be wise while adding the right link as well.

4. Jobster


This social networking site is more a job networking site that allows users to develop contacts with prospective employers who are looking to hire. One can upload the resume and embed a video resume as well. It allows the user to showcase relevant links, picture and also tag skills. In addition to searching for latest vacancies, the user can also get to know people who posted them, so that they can be added on to the contact list for future reference.

5. Facebook

Yes, Facebook is not just a marketing tool it can be used to acquire jobs too. This can be accomplished in 2 ways:

One is to go to the Facebook marketplace where job openings listed in your network are displayed. There are also other listings and so it is important to look specifically for job openings. You can also view who posted the item and if the profile interests you, then you can message the hiring manager.

Another way is to join fan pages and groups that will connect you to people with similar interests and fields. Establishing such a network will put you first in their list of contacts in case of any openings.

6. Craigslist

Craigslist is a relatively less popular yet valuable job search network especially for those who are not particular about working for only the top names in the industry. Craigslist has a number of consultants looking particularly for designers and programmer. With so many of these companies needing people all the time, you stand a better chance of landing a job. What is more, there is no need to sign up or open an account. It is free for all.

7. MyWorkster


This networking site is meant for students and alumni to scout for career opportunities. It connects all college graduates and hence has limited application for other kind of job seekers. The social network allows users to create a profile and add prospective employers to their network. The site integrates to Indeed job portal and thus helps you apply directly from the site. It also imports contacts from Facebook Connect.

8. VisualCV

The social site understands the value of branding in job searching. Hence VisualCV has come up with the idea of a personal webpage that displays your resume in full grandeur – references, presentations, audio, video and all the works. The dynamic nature of this unique network gets to the core of your skills and communicates it in the most effective way. Like Facebook, you can customize your privacy settings and allow only specific audience to view your page. Many venture capitalists are on board, so those who want to get noticed by good startups should get themselves a VisualCV account.

9. JobFox

JobFox is an networking site that recommends jobs that suit your profile from the whole gamut. Using a specialized “Mutual Suitability System”, the site finds the best relationship fit and recommends them to both the job seeker and the head hunter. The JobFox intro is an inbuilt tool where the companies and job seekers are introduced to develop contact. The site also allows customized webpage to send to the prospective employers.

10. Ecademy


Ecademy is a source of professional networking for jobseekers modeled around the lines of LinkedIn. The site helps you create a unique profile to introduce your skills to whom it matters. Users can join groups that cater to similar interests and ask for introductions and add people to their contact list. The network does not support job search, but displays any such messages instantly.