If you are at a phase where you are deciding which is the best career path to take, then you have reached the right place. This article is particularly for those who are looking at career options and in the process of choosing the one that is right not just by their preference, but also from the job market point of view. Here is a listing of 10 top careers for 2013 and beyond.

1. Medical Assistant

The profession is ideal for those who have a natural bend for offering solace to the sick. Medical field is a promising career option for all those who like to put the science of curing to practice. Medical assistants participate in aiding community health by maintaining medical records of the patient and offering preliminary assistance to the patient visiting the doctor. With the need for documentation increasing in this field, the demand for qualified professionals is only expected to rise. The forecast for this field in the next decade is expected to touch a growth rate of 31%.

2. Software Developer

For a long time now, computer programmers are in high demand, and this demand is only to grow in the coming years due to the surge in the communication technology related applications. The projected growth for this sector is expected to touch 30% by the end of 2020, making it the second ranking profession in demand. Training and education include university level degree in software engineering and knowledge of the latest software development skills.

3. Dental Hygienist

Medical field is generally considered to be high paying and dental hygiene is one of the choices. The professionals in this field attend to all the basic dental and oral hygiene needs of the community. Their services include simple procedures such as regular cleanups, filling cavities and taking x-rays in addition to education on oral hygiene. The projected growth for this sector is about 38% by the end of 2020. To enter the profession a degree and a license in the relevant field are required, including state specific licenses to practice.

4. Personal Financial Advisor

This is the latest sector experiencing a comeback this year. With the economy creeping back to better times, financial planning and advice are again gaining prominence. In this scenario, the personal financial advisor is a person who advises people in making financial decisions such as planning for retirement, buying insurance products or other goals. If investment advice is your forte then brace up with your degree, certifications and licenses to grab the best jobs in the sector that is projected to grow 32% by 2020.

5. PR Specialist

Public relations and corporate communications is another field that is rising and going to bloom in the coming years. With the growing number of corporate entities and the increasing competition, it has become necessary for organizations to project a positive image. This function is performed by professional PR machinery which is very integral to any corporate. For those interested in this field a basic degree with certifications in social media networking and technology are a must. The field is going to experience a growth of 23% in the job market by the end of this decade.

6. Social Worker

If community work is what brings the best in you then social work may be your best career option. With aging baby boomers and the increasing number of rehabilitation centers will drive the demand curve for this class of jobs. From institutional to direct service type, social workers will see a 25% rise in the job market for their skills. Graduates in social work, psychology or sociology and even arts would qualify for social worker profiles.

7. Biomedical Engineer

With the increase in the number of the aged, the medical needs of the society are increasing by the day. Replacement and rehabilitation engineering is going to be very much in demand this year and beyond. From implants to prosthetics, we will be able to see a number on innovations happening in this field owing to a growth of 62% for the field. Bachelors in engineering or biomedical sciences along with some certifications may be required for entry level positions in this field.

8. Veterinary Technology

The field is witnessing a surge due to the increased popularity of pets and animals among our communities. A veterinary technologist or technician helps diagnose the disease-causing conditions in animals. The projected growth for this sector is about 52% by the end of 2020. To become one, you would have to pursue a degree in the field with relevant certifications and licensures if you want to set up practice.

9. Pharmacist

With the growth in the medical sector, pharmacy cannot remain far behind. A pharmacist prepares the right mix of medicines as prescribed by the doctor. As a result a degree in pharmacy is worth every penny, as you are assured of a job that will last you a life time. They field is expected to grow by 25% by year 2020 and provide employment opportunity to thousands every year.

10. Interpreters & translators

With globalization taking over in every stream of business, the requirement for multi language experts will rise. Embassies around the world have an increasing demand for such professionals. While some languages are more in demand than others, learning a foreign language will never let you down. The field is expected to provide employment to many graduates with skills in understanding and interpreting languages. With a projected growth of more than 42%, the job is both lucrative and secure type of employment.