Tourism careers have evolved from simple sand on the beach to involve a wide range of activities including cultural tourism, sports and leisure tourism. Your job description will vary depending on which particular career path you have chosen. Generally tourism careers involve a lot of travel and mingling with new people from all over the world.

How to Have a Tourism Career

It is important that you finish High School first. Then pursue college education in a tourism related field. This could be a diploma, Bachelors degree or a Masters Degree. Again, get some experience working in the industry. You could get this experience as you are undertaking your college training or do an internship.

Though it is not a must, it will be a plus for you if you learn at least one or two foreign languages. It will considerably increase your career growth chances. You should also have good computer skills.

Types, Description, Information

You have many career options when you pursue a tourism career. You have the option of working in the hotel industry, travel industries, cultural industries, tour companies, restaurants, leisure and management. Still, you have the option of choosing a career path as an event organizer, vacation planner, or carry out publicity for international trade fairs.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Programs

There are a wide range of training courses that one can take to follow a tourism career. For instance, you can attend college to pursue a Higher National Diploma, a Bachelor of Arts Program, Bachelor of Science or a Masters degree in Hospitality Management, Hotel and Catering Management, Travel and Tourism, Tourism Management, and International Hospitality Management among others. Master courses include Heritage Management, Museum Management and Cultural Practices. These courses are available through campus based studies, certification online courses and part time studies. It is also possible to pursue joint degrees such as Leisure and Tourism or Tours and Management.

Some of the classes you will go through in your training program include marketing, business management, public relations and accounting. You will have to undergo an internship program whichever course you choose. The internship can last 6- 12 months depending on the college.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

You will need to present your transcripts, which show your previous education as a prerequisite to admission to college or university. Entrance exams include your SAT and ACT scores. Tourism universities or colleges might also ask you for proof of vaccinations against MMR (measles, Mumps, Rubella) in the last ten years of your life or twice in your lifetime. Some of the top colleges offering courses in tourism careers are:

  • Sullivan University – online
  • Alvin Community College in Texas
  • William Carey University, New York
  • Tri County Technical College – Distance Education
  • Waukesha County Technical College

Jobs, Opportunities Salaries, Recruitment

The job outlook for those in tourism careers is good since Tourism is one of the largest industries in the US. If you are engaged in a job search in the tourism industry, it is important to know that the large bulk of the industry comprises of travel agencies. But there are also other areas where one can job search such as resorts, restaurants, airlines, tour buses and trains. There are job search boards available on the Internet for those seeking recruitment in tourism careers. The pay for those in tourism sector ranges from $22,000-$80,000 per year. The average is 74,000$.