Career description:

The Transport Safety Administration is a department in the transportation system that aims at making sure that transportation is made safe for the public. The department of safety administration has laid a set of guidelines to be maintained in the transportation system. A career in transport administration helps the candidate find jobs as inspection officers and safety checks. The department offers a variety of careers from enforcing safety measures to amending safety measures that are existent in the system.

How to become a Transportation Safety Administrator:

The candidates who aspire to choose a career in the field of transportation safety administration need to be good in communication and also have a US citizenship. The candidate should be 18 years of age and also pass various checks related to health, drug and background verification for criminal offences.

Transportation Safety career courses, training, programs:

The training for candidates aspiring to take up jobs in transport safety administration is administered by the transportation safety department internally. The guidelines for safety in transport and the techniques involved in the event of necessary safety measures is also part of the training agenda.

Transportation Safety career schools/colleges, education:

The candidates need to hold a high school diploma in order to get employed in the transportation safety department. The candidates need not necessarily hold a bachelor’s degree but when looking to climb the career ladder, the candidates with a bachelor’s degree have the edge over the candidates without a degree.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  1. 1.      Everest University
  2. 2.      Ashford University
  3. 3.      Earnest University
  4. 4.      American Intercontinental University
  5. 5.      University of Phoenix

Transportation Safety job opportunities, salaries/pay:

A career in transportation safety offers an average pay of around $35,000 and candidates get a higher pay when moving up in the career ladder with a graduate degree. The option of managerial roles is also available in the transport safety department.