You will be taking professional pictures and selling them as a travel photographer. You will need to have a good eye in order to capture the beauty of places that you tour. You will also need to know how to shoot good photographs.

How to Become a Travel Agent

The most important part of becoming a travel photographer is learning how to take professional photographs. You can learn this by enrolling in a college after High School and choosing Photography as your major.

You can also keep up to date with what is happening in the photography industry by reading through travel guides and travel websites. Getting a copy of Photographers Market is good for your career prospects since you will be able to get comprehensive details of databases and publications that accept photographs. You will also know the various formats and all other details needed for submission into various markets.

Types, Description, Information

Your career path can lead you to a photography freelancing career. You can also work for travel agencies, hotels and various publications.

The other option for your career path is to choose what kind of photography you want to do – base your decision on industry type. For instance you can take photographs for news features, weddings, galleries, fine art or for the advertising industry.

It is important that you do a thorough research on the market. This is because you need to submit relevant photographs that are needed in the travel industry. That means that your photographs should show popular travel destinations that most travel writers write about.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Programs

You have the option of attending community colleges or attending university for 4 years to get a degree in photography or fine arts. You also have the option of attending workshops or local seminars in photography.

Some of the classes that you should go through in your photography training program include taking landscape photographs, people pictures, nature, close ups and taking both color and black and white photographs. Since in most instances travel photographers are freelancers, you should consider taking classes in business since you will need good marketing skills in order to sell your photographs.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

To get into photography school, you will need to show a keen interest in photography as a prerequisite to admission. To enroll for a University course, you will need your SAT score of at least 3.0 as a prerequisite to admission. Here is a list of the leading universities and colleges that offer travel photography courses

  • American Writers and Artists Inc- Online Course
  • Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbra
  • The Arts Institute of Pittsburgh- Online Division
  • Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology Ohio
  • Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University

Job opportunities, Recruitment

Carry out your job search for travel photography jobs through travel agencies, travel publications and websites. Come up with your portfolio and a good resume. You can start out as a part time or amateur photographer. You can also start out as an intern for a professional photographer. Getting an internship is not difficult.

Networking is essential for you to get jobs. You can tag along with other photographers or tours and travel individuals to get good photographs. At least 50% of photographers work as freelancers and are not staff members.

The job outlook for travel photography career is good, but you need to be aggressive and quite good to get in. The average pay is 37,000$ for a salaried travel photographer.