As a travel writer, you will be continuously on the road. You will spend days, weeks and sometimes even months in far flung areas and villages all over the world writing on different cultures and places that you will visit. You can still do travel writing in your hometown. Write about interesting spots that people would like to visit.

How to Become a Travel Writer

To become a professional travel writer, you will need a High School education and preferably some level of College education. You can pursue a Diploma Course or a Degree course in a writing related field or journalism. To build your portfolio in order to gain credibility with editors, you will need to write some travel articles for free at first and submit them for publication to magazines or newspapers or publish them on blogs. Since your travel articles should be short at first, there will be no need to send a query before submission.

Types, Description, Information

You have the option of writing your travel articles online or for print publications. You can also write your own travel book or take on speaking engagements on travel writing. You can also work as a staff writer for an institution or become a freelance writer. Travel writing is a difficult market to get into since there are many travel writers in the market, so you will have to be persistent to break through.

Qualifications: Courses, Training and Programs

There are a number of degrees you can pursue to become a travel writer. A Bachelor of Arts or Education Degree in English/ Literature, a Journalism Degree or a Communications degree is suitable to get started in travel writing career. You can also pursue creative writing or freelancing certification online programs that are widely available on various levels such as Diploma or Higher Diploma or Masters Degree. Classes that you will take in writing or communication courses include Creative Writing, Communication Skills, Travel Writing and Editing.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

To enroll for Certification Online Courses most of them will require that you have a basic understanding of reading and writing in English as a prerequisite for admission. You will not need to sit any entrance exams or present your High School Transcripts. To pursue a degree or Associate Degree program, you will need to present your SAT scores and Highs School Transcripts. These colleges are among the top institutions offering travel writer career courses:

  • Mary Grove College in San Francisco
  • Penn Foster College-Online
  • Alfred University in New York
  • Allen University in Columbia
  • Albany State University in Albany

Job opportunities, Salaries, Recruitment

As a travel writer, you will have to learn to market and sell your own travel stories. Sometimes a tour company or magazine may take you on and pay for your food, lodging and travel and not give you a salary. You will have to sell your writing to make some money. You can make as much as $50 or $250 on a travel story depending on which publication you sell it too.

On a job search, it would be advisable to keep your travel articles as short as 250-500 words to get more publishing opportunities. Employers accept long articles from travel writers that they already know.

The yearly average is about 48,000$.