Career coaching is the process by which a student or a professional is given advice by a career counselor or coach on the different types of careers present suitable to his talents, aptitude and priorities. Today there is no dearth of professions, every field has a huge numbers of positions that we can opt for. Sometimes it gets confusing as to which direction to take.

Young students especially find it difficult to find out what field they should follow. A career coach helps that person to recognize his or her talents and strong points which can be utilized in the career. There are many benefits of career coaching. Here are a few of them:

  • Career coaching helps to make our priorities clear by making us think about what we want to do and what we are good at. In this way it lends a sense of clarity and we can make our career plans accordingly
  • It helps us to know new things about ourselves which otherwise would remain latent. We can thus know about a new talent or need that we did not think of before and we can formulate our goals depending on that
  • Career coaching gives us confidence and helps to get rid of our fears and inhibitions. Sometimes we need a qualified person to tell us that we have the talents and potential to succeed in a field and a career coach does that
  • A career coach also has a good network of contacts and he can help you get an internship or refer you to a job opening in your line of interest after finding out what you plan to do
  • He also improves you decision making skills and when faced with a lot of choices, he helps you choose a profession bet suitable for your life and skills