Nursing career is not just restricted to the nurses taking care of the patients’ routine needs such as helping them brush, changing their clothes, sponging them, checking their body temperature, changing drips, etc but it has a wide scope. These are the general duties that a nursing staff is required to handle.

Apart from this, a nursing staff may excel in a particular field and grow further in it. There are various types of nursing careers that an individual may go for depending upon his choice as well as the grades he has scored.

The details about a few nursing career options are given below:

Agency Nursing

In an agency nursing career a nurse is required to register with a particular nursing agency. She is expected to provide complete information about the qualification and experience she holds and also the details about her availability and contact details. This agency then calls up the nurses when they find any suitable job as per the given credentials. Such nurses have a good demand in the market.


Such nurses provide Anesthesia to the patients before they undergo a surgery or any other painful treatment. These nurses work in association with the surgeons and other specialists and are mostly required to be there to monitor the patients after they are given the anesthesia. They are thus mostly required to be present in the operation theaters during the surgeries.

Cardiac Care

Nursing care staff that takes care of the cardiac patients is known to be specialized in cardiac care. This nursing career option is booming quite well.

Critical Care

Critical care nursing staff provides nursing care to the patients who are undergoing some acute health problem. Such patients are mostly kept under observation in the intensive care unit.

Legal Nursing

This is yet another booming profession amongst the various nursing careers.