Career coaching for students is the process by which students at a higher level of studies, for example, in high school, are given advice by a career counselor on the kind of career paths that they can choose based on their talents, aptitude and marks. Although there are some students who are very focused about what they want to do with their lives, there are many that are looking at options and too many choices can be confusing.

Here the coach helps the student to recognize his talents and where his interest lies and gives him guidance on what are the different types of jobs available keeping those criteria in mind. While career coaching for students, these points can be kept in mind:

  • Ask the students relevant questions to find out what he wants to do with his life
  • If the student is confused and feeling overwhelmed, encourage him to be aware of what his talents are and how he can utilize them in a career
  • Find out if the student has any of his own career target in mind and guide him on the what options he has in this field
  • Give him advice over his marks and if he has to work harder in a particular subject so that he is ready for any higher studies to get a job in that field
  • Help the student understand the consequences of the career, both good and bad, so that he gets a clear picture of the future
  • Give the student confidence and motivate him to work harder
  • Help the student get internships that will help him to get some professional experience before he starts working
  • Help him make a plan which will involve studies and extra-curricular activities so that by the time he finishes his studies he has a resume which will reflect the relevant skills and qualifications